We have been unusually lucky at Innovative Aesthetics to have had great luck in our staff hiring process.  Clients and friends alike notice this frequently-we enjoy each others’ company, and have a great time working together.  Lisa Norman, Licensed Esthetician, is no exception to that rule!

After battling hyperpigmentation through her teenage and present years, and seeing friends’ self esteem plummet due to acne struggles, Lisa decided to follow her 2010 nursing degree with her esthetics licence in 2013, joining Innovative in April of this year.   Her service menu includes peels, microneedling, dermaplaning, waxing, Hydrafacial, microdermabrasion, and Signature Facials.  Having this selection of variety ensures that Lisa never gets bored.  “I love treating all skin types.  Just like people, no two skins are alike, and that keeps it both exciting and rewarding”, Lisa explains.

We all have our favorite products and services here, and Lisa is finding hers.  During the summer, she’s partial to the Red Carpet Treatment (a dermaplane plus Hydrafacial, which, by the way, equals AMAZING), and microneedling.  She anticipates finding new preferences as the season changes-and along with it, our skin needs. For products, she loves BioSerum, C-Stem, and Lumiere, but will always strategize to find the perfect combination for each individual.

For Lisa, the power of touch has always been transforming.  This profession has been an emotionally rewarding journey, with the opportunity to help others using the science of skincare, and to develop trusting and lasting relationships.  Through it all, she has loved every moment, and every day looks forward to the future of her career.

Call us, and set up a time to let Lisa work with you to feel your most confident in your own skin!