If you’re a regular client at Innovative Aesthetics, you probably know your nurse, esthetician, or massage therapist pretty well by now.  We’re a pretty friendly group, and we genuinely enjoy getting to know our visitors.  I thought it would be fun to have a mini-series of profiles of our amazing staff.  Our first post will be getting to further know Beth Pohl, one of our nurse/estheticians.

While Beth has been at Innovative for 2 years, she has been in the aesthetic industry for longer- 13 years as an esthetician and 3 as a nurse.  As Beth puts it, “this industry is my calling-my pain became my passion, truly.” Her battle with acne during her teenage years ensured that the more struggle she went through and more education she received, the more her desire grew to share knowledge and help others so they don’t have to go through the same experience. “At the end of the day, I can say I put a smile on someone’s face and that is the absolute best feeling.”

While all of Beth’s treatments make most of her clients smile, she has a couple of personal faves for different reasons.  One of those are the Hydrafacial-we began offering this service about a year ago, and Beth states “I have seen huge improvements in peoples’ acne, less oil production and all over healthy glow-its a wonderful treatment for every skin type.” On the other end of the spectrum, fillers are her other favorite for the simple fact of the instant gratification you leave the building with.  In no way is Beth limited to these treatments though-come to see her, and you can experience Signature Facials, Hydrafacials, waxing, laser hair removal, BBL, microneedling, and injections.  This variety that makes up each day has become her favorite part of her job here.

When she’s not helping our clients become their most beautiful, Beth loves working on home improvement projects, biking, kayaking, and traveling-and of course, spending time with her husband and furbabies in their Waterloo home. Come find out for yourself why we love Beth!