Have you started thinking about fall yet?  To tell you the truth, I haven’t.  I’ve been enjoying the summer, and trying to stretch it out as long as I can.  However, after a day when my sunscreen didn’t work as well as it could, it forced me to start thinking about repair.

It’s interesting how quickly the sun can damage.  While my face didn’t get beet red and hurting, I noticed some pink, and that my normally faint freckles were showing big time-not to mention a change in skin texture.  This is not abnormal for most people, as most of us take a decent amount of outdoor time in the warmer weather.  While we encourage as much sun damage prevention as possible (hello, sunscreen!), we all have times when we slip up in our regime.

While we recommend waiting for end of summer to evaluate and fix our mistakes, it’s nice to have some ideas of what we should start planning for once fall hits.  The first treatment that we get great results with is a Halo laser treatment.  This is good for pigment and texture, and after a series, results are usually highly satisfactory.  Another option is a Skin Brightening Peel.  This is another one that brightens skin tone and fades pigment imperfections.  Both these treatments do require a bit of down time, so not the instant gratification that some other treatments give.  The thing to remember though, is that when we are penetrating deeper into the dermis to work with pigment, we are doing most of the work below the surface, and it takes a bit of time to pull it to the surface of the skin.

Of course, while I love both of the above treatments, and stand completely behind them, it is always a good idea to to ask our experts here before you fully commit.  Get a VISIA evaluation, and see what our professionals here recommend.  It may be a completely different option that turns out would work better for you.

I always find it a good idea to plan and budget for the services that may be in my immediate future.  We all know how once school, or non-summer work hours start, our schedules can go a little haywire.  If you can figure out your post-summer treatments, and get them onto the Innovative Aesthetics books, it will save time and stress once the new season begins.  However, in the meantime, it’s still summer, and I’m planning on enjoying every moment.  My professional recommendation?  Get your sun prevention routine on, and make the most of summer 2018!