When we’re younger, we get lots of advice about our future.  Of course, being young, we promptly forget half of it.  Something I have never forgotten though, was my mom telling me to never come to a social gathering empty-handed.  It makes sense.  We’re being hosted, sometimes to great expense and/or effort, and a nice gesture of thanks can really be appreciated.  But I quickly got to the point where my usual bottle of wine or box of chocolates seemed to be a little…tired. Don’t get me wrong, my gifts were always graciously received, and I know I never have a problem being gifted alcohol or sugar! However, wouldn’t it be fun to have some unique little go-to items to bring your hosts?

One of our favorite things to do at Innovative Aesthetics is find fun, useful, and one-of-a-kind items to have for sale in our retail area.  Our criteria is simple-if we wouldn’t buy or want to receive it, we probably won’t stock it.  When we give these as gifts, it’s normal to see the receiver strolling in to purchase said item for them to give someone else-or to replenish their own supply!

Next time you need the perfect gift, keep these in mind:

  • Zents products.  I have written about these beautiful little body products (Find Your Zents!), and we can barely keep them in stock.  These come in a varied price range, so you can fit your budget, and have a mindful and luxurious gift for someone special.
  • Luminara Flameless Candles.  These high quality candles come in different sizes, and be either scented or unscented.  A safe, long-lasting, and no mess option, these can be used inside or outside the house, making it perfect for anything to a holiday party to an outdoor evening event.
  • Amrita essential oils/roll on blends (I’ve written a post with some general essential oil info-Feel Better With SMELL?).  Create your custom scent for your gift recipient, or make it easy and give a few pre-blended roll ons-useful and unique!
  • OMG masks and headbands.  These are not limited to women and girls.  We have been sent pictures of the whole family wearing these masks, and having a blast! How fun would it be to give these as a thank you gift for your vacation hosts, or your nanny?
  • Innovative Aesthetics gift card.  I know, I know, shameless plug.  However, what better way to say thank you than the gift of pampering?  Wouldn’t you love to receive one?

Gifts to say thank you are always a thoughtful idea.  While it may be thought of as an old-fashioned custom, I think of it as another way to spread gratitude and kindness to others.   Let’s continue to teach and continue this mentality, and as with so many other things, let Innovative help you do that!