Aging is inevitable.  While it comes with experience and hopefully good times, it can be hard to see the physical effects.  You know what I mean, the loss of muscle tone, the thinning of skin that makes the face look a little droopier.  Or the dryness or fat loss that takes away the smooth, plump appearance we took for granted.  Depending on your past sun exposure and smoking, you may have areas of pigment changes and wrinkles.  Oh joy!

Of course, this being Innovative Aesthetics, you didn’t think I was going to leave you hanging, right?  I have discussed the different types of fillers and Botox that we offer here, and what each one is ideal for (No Frozen Faces Here), but maybe now it’s time to pick up the phone and make that appointment for a complimentary consultation where we can evaluate you and your skin, and determine what would benefit you the most.  We have had amazing results in ridding of/reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and plumping up skin where needed.

In addition to our Botox (and other brands) and fillers, we also offer laser-both BBL and Halo, both of which can be extremely helpful with pigment, collagen, texture, and fine line issues.  While these procedures typically take a series of treatments for full results, we have had people tell us they feel like time had been halted on their faces!

We of course have different option with our facials, whether it be our Signature facials, microderms, or Hydrafacials, but to be honest, once you get to the point where you’re considering Botox, fillers, or laser, the facial treatments are best to use as maintenance between the former procedures.  Not only do they feel wonderful, but talk about a refreshing and revitalizing session!

I am all for accepting and embracing each year that passes for us all.  However, part of feeling good inside is making sure that you feel your most beautiful inside AND out.  We love having the privilege of bringing out the beauty that makes you glow.