Like many people, I love Pinterest.  I love scrolling through my feed, pinning recipes, decor ideas, health tips.  As a matter of fact, I love Pinterest so much that I volunteered to run our spa’s Pinterest page (be sure to follow Innovative Aesthetics there!).  One thing that I don’t love, however, is the well-intentioned, but possible risky DIY skin treatment ideas.  Now, once a time, I might have read those tips, and tried some of them, but after working in a professional capacity and getting to know the skin more, I view that in completely different way.

Let’s take a few examples.  One that comes to mind is an at-home teeth whitening “hack”-you take “several” tablespoons (very specific, right?) of baking soda, mix with enough lemon juice to make a paste, and then spread that over your teeth and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing off.  How cheap and easy! And who doesn’t want whiter teeth?  Well…don’t try this one at home, kids.  Lemon juice is acidic.  That means that while this actually might make your teeth a little whiter, it is doing so by wearing away enamel.  As you erode more enamel, it gets thinner and it ceases to mask the yellow of the dentin (the tooth structure under the enamel). Your teeth get yellower and yellower, plus weaker.  Do you want whiter teeth?  Please, do your teeth a favor and go to your dentist, who knows the exact formulas, amounts, and frequency of treatments to use.

Okay, but there are other treatments that won’t harm anyone, right?  Well, yes, of course.  Natural and home remedies have been around since the beginning of humanity.  Obviously some of them work.  However, look at this one-at home microneedling.  Yes, this is a thing.  You can buy a derma-roller, .and go to town on your face at home.  There are also suggestions on topical products to apply to your face after you do so.  The only problem is, the estheticians and nurses at Innovative have had extensive training to do this procedure.  Everything is sterile and your treatment is based on your own personal specific skin type.  By doing this yourself, you may be introducing infectious agents, like bacteria, viruses, and slow-growing microbes-some of these things may not even manifest as problems for a few years, thereby making the issue harder to treat.  Microneedling is an amazing and beneficial service, just stick to the pros with this one-you won’t be disappointed.

How about moisturizers?  I mean, those can get pricey.  Aren’t there any options that I can do without spending a fortune?  I have read that coconut oil is a miracle moisturizer AND even works as a natural sunscreen!  And depending on where you buy it, it can be under $10!  Unfortunately, no.  While coconut oil has some great benefits, using it on the skin isn’t one of them.  Coconut oil is very comedogenic-meaning, it doesn’t penetrate into the pores, it just sits on top of the skin. It can lead to blocked and suffocated pores, breakouts, and since it’s not absorbing, it can actually cause dryness.  Plus, the sunscreen factor?  The SPF is around 4.  It will not absorb UV rays at the right wavelength.  If taking care of your skin with the right safe products is important to you, please don’t hesitate to speak to us at Innovative.  We have options for you that will be worth the few extra bucks you might shell out, AND you know that it’s guaranteed.

Bottom line?  I get it, it’s fun to try treatments at home, save a bit, and know what you’re putting on your body.  However, please believe that professionals know their stuff.  If you truly want to try something you’ve found online or heard about,  ask a licensed skin professional first.  At best, it could be a fun little home treatment to do, even if results are  not dramatic.  However, at worst, some of these ideas can be risky or dangerous, and we want you to be safe.  Never hesitate to talk to an expert.  At Innovative Aesthetics, we’re always there for you!