When you struggle with chronic acne, it’s more than a minor skin annoyance.  It can be painful, uncomfortable, and take a huge toll on one’s self esteem.  I have outlined in other blog posts information about acne and possible solutions (Teenage Skin SolutionsAcne Blues), but today I want to talk about a possible after-effect, namely scarring.

I have mentioned before how many people come to Innovative Aesthetics with acne problems.  It’s incredibly rewarding when we see their skin clear up, thanks to our treatments and product/routine recommendations.  Depending on your acne type though, scarring can unfortunately be a lingering reminder.  Basically what happens is that the breakout has penetrated the skin and damaged the underlying tissue.  The good news is is that this is completely treatable.

Understand that scars lie within the dermis-treatments that only treat the top layer, such as facials and microdermabrasion, will not penetrate deep enough to truly improve or eradicate the scar.  Some of our top picks for scarring include:

Microneedling (“Isn’t That the Vampire Facial?”):  This treatment is where we would start.  We use a small “pen” with tiny needles to go over your face and make little tiny punctures.  It uses the body’s natural healing process to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.  In addition to scarring, microneedling also is great for tightening pores, tone, and texture.  The cool part about this is that results keep improving for as many as 9 months!

Skin Brightening Peel (and Skin Brightening Cream): This is a highly effective chemical peel that is wonderful for scars that are more pigment-based in nature, as opposed to pitted or raised areas.  This treatment, in the most simple words, tells the cells that are producing pigment to calm down, thereby not only reducing the marks, but also keeping them from turning into brown spots (or getting darker).  This peel comes with homework-we compound in the office a Skin Brightening Cream for you to take home and use according the aesthetician’s instrutions.

Halo 2: The Halo is a hybrid fractional laser that works by treating both layers of skin using ablative AND non-ablative lasers.  An ablative laser vaporizes aged/scarred tissue with less thermal injury, with mild to moderate levels of morbidity and downtime, while at the same time, the non-ablative laser causes thermal injury and tissue coagulation with lower levels of morbidity.  Sounds like it would be counter-productive, right?  Well, actually, the two processes work together perfectly to maximize the results that you need!

Acne scarring can be an unwanted memory of a painful skin condition. We’re glad your acne is under control, but let us take care of those reminders. We want you to feel your most beautiful.  Give us a call, and see which procedure would work the best for you!