Summer is finally upon us, after a long winter and a spring that couldn’t decide if warm weather was really worth it.  I think we are all ready for sandals, lazy days, and outdoor fun. I know I have been spending every free moment I have outside!

But, the heat and humidity can bring its own set of problems, specifically with our bodies.  Of course, there are very few problems that don’t have an answer somehow. Here are a few common complaints, along with some ideas to fix them!

  • Acne-summer means you’re sweating more, which in turn, mixes with the bacteria and oils on your skin, clogging your pores.  For someone prone to acne, that unfortunately can lead to breakouts.  Solution?  Blot, don’t rub sweat away, and make sure to wash sweaty clothing between wears.  Make sure you’re wearing non-comedogenic lotions and sunscreens to lessen the amount of oils on your skin.
  • Sunburn-come on, we’re Innovative Aesthetics, you know we’re going to hammer this point home.  WEAR SUNSCREEN.  We have some high quality and affordable brands here in our retail area of the spa, so get in here and find some that works for you!  In the meantime, get out of the sun.  You can start with applying some hydrocortisone cream-it won’t help automatically, but within a few hours, will start decreasing discomfort.  Aloe vera gel is also helpful to hydrate and soothe the burn, but make sure it’s an alcohol-free blend so it doesn’t dry your skin further.
  • Dry, Irritated Skin-We don’t always think that dry skin is a problem in muggy weather.  However, hanging out in the sun, pool, or air conditioning excessively can lead to dry and irritated skin.
  • Razor Burn/Bumps-If you shave, chances are that you’ve had this irritating little rash, most common in face, underarms and bikini area. To prevent this, always use a good quality, sharp razor, free of debris such as hair and soap.  Lather up with shaving gel or cream, and use short strokes, being careful not press into the skin too hard.  Afterward, use an aftershave lotion or a little aloe vera to soothe.  Or even better, make an appointment at Innovative to get that pesky hair lasered or waxed off!

Summer always seems to end too soon.  Remember to have fun in the sun, drink lots of water, and take care of your skin!  Any questions? Innovative Aesthetics is only a call away!