The internet world got to hear about my favorite Innovative Aesthetics products last week.  I thought it was fitting that this week I talk about my favorite services.  This may be a timely post, as we had our always anticipated open house last week, and one of the most popular purchases was our gift card, with a rare 20% off the total.  We may have a lot of people trying to decide how to spend those gift card bucks.

As I said in my last post, this is highly subjective.  Out of all of the services I’ve received here, I’ve never had a time where I didn’t get results.  Keeping that in mind, here are some of my top picks.

1.) 60 minute massage.  Okay, yes, I’m a massage therapist, so I may be biased, but can you blame me? Soothing hands gliding over sore muscles, releasing any tension, both mental and physical, and leaving completely rejuvenated.  If I had to pick one service to get for the rest of my life, massage would be it.  Wondering about the benefits?  This post will help you learn! Is Massage Not Right for YOU?

2.) Laser Hair Removal.  Come on, if you’re a shaving kind of person, you know what I mean.  It never ends.  That is, until you laser that hair away.  I can’t describe the freedom that comes with not having to plan your outfits around body hair removal.  For a little more info, check out my earlier post No More Shaving?.

3.) Red Carpet Treatment.  This is one of our combo treatments-a Dermaplane with a Hydrafacial.  The Dermaplane uses a razor to remove facial peach fuzz and the top layer of dead cells, revealing skin that is ready to completely absorb whatever treatment you want, in this case, the Hydrafacial.  The glow that immediately follows this treatment is so absolutely beautiful that I have had countless people comment on it, without even knowing that I had had anything done.

4.) Forever Young BBL.  This laser treatment is exactly what it sounds like.  It uses a BroadBand laser to target anything that ages you-fine lines, age spots, spider veins-and ends with a skin tightening treatment that is instantly effective and noticeable.  This is definitely one of our classic services that never seems to lose its popularity.

5.) Botox.  Well, of course.  I think Botox is one of the first things that people think of when “Innovative Aesthetics” is mentioned.  Botox is the perfect way to give your look a little “oomph” without too crazy of a commitment.  Our injectors here focus on a natural and conservative start-after all, as with many things, you can always add more, but removal isn’t where we want to start.  A consultation is good to determine details, but this post can give a little more info-No Frozen Faces Here

6.) VISIA consultations.  So simple.  So insightful.  And free!  The VISIA consult is the perfect way to get an in depth look at your skin and decide on the perfect treatment.  I will admit, it can be a little scary to get such a close look at what we perceive as our imperfections, but it’s also fascinating and informative.  And chances are it’s not as bad as you think!  Questions before you book?  Read What is VISIA?

As I said before, I have never had a session that didn’t give me results.  The best part of working at Innovative Aesthetics is having access to the expertise of our staff and highest quality equipment and products.  Medical grade is an important distinction we take great pride in! As always, feel free to call us and pay us a visit!