At a yoga class this week, our instructor touched briefly on the subject of perspective-namely realizing how rich we truly are, in the midst of difficult times.  That was an interesting thought for me, as I tend to get stuck sometimes in a mindset that is not always the most beneficial.  Even more intriguing, when I dug a little into the science of gratitude and the effects, I was surprised to see how many benefits can come about through a grateful mind. It can have effects on your emotional state, your health, your social life, even your career!

Something we try to practice at Innovative Aesthetics is a sense of camaraderie, that is, building each other up, and encouraging one another.  It’s not always easy.  Sometimes other people will frustrate you, and things won’t always go your way.  But is that really important?  Will it matter after 5 days?  5 months?  5 years?  Maybe it will.  And that’s how you know that it’s time to constructively handle it.  But maybe in the end, it won’t matter.

Let’s work on empowering ourselves by appreciating what we have in this life.  We may have personal struggles, or we may still be striving toward a bigger goal, but regardless, let’s take the time to acknowledge our gifts, and feel a sense of gratitude for where we are on our current paths.  And remember, share that gift with others-it costs nothing, but it will still multiply!