You know how there are some things that seem so obvious and normal to one person, but to the next person, it’s completely unknown?  Then we hear the truth, and wonder how we thought the previous idea was accurate?  I thought I would clear up a few common misconceptions that we hear of in our lines of work at Innovative Aesthetics.

1.) Myth: I want to get Botox, but I don’t want to come to Innovative, since I know some of the people that work there, and I don’t want my secret getting out.

Truth: We’re a medical spa.  That means that we’re under medical supervision with medical grade products/procedures, and under HIPPA law.  Basically, that means no one is finding out you came here unless you tell them.  Your records are sealed, our computers are password encrypted, and if we know you, we’re not going to stroll up to you at the grocery store and say “Hey Sally!  The Botox you got at Innovative Aesthetics looks great on you!” Heck, our practice is even within a big medical practice building, so even if someone sees your car outside the spa, they won’t know what you’re doing in there.

2.) Myth: I use really good quality skin care that says it’s Botox/fillers/microderm in a jar, so I don’t need profession medical spa treatment.

Truth: Unfortunately, what you buy over the counter is not going to do what most of our procedures do.  Invest in good products by all means, however, those products can’t penetrate or go under the layers of skin.  Ask us for recommendations on what will work the best for you.

3.) Myth: Injections are painful and take a lot of down time to heal and show effects.

Truth: Actually, most people describe the pain of injections as a 2 or 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.  It’s a very quick process-we have people who sometimes run over on their lunch break and are back at work afterward with no one being the wiser.  AND it only takes about a week to kick in fully, and we have plenty of people who notice changes even before that.

4.) Myth: Facials and massages feel great, but the results don’t last.

Truth: Just like with working out, or dieting, you’ll feel results if you do them regularly-maintain the good stuff!

could go on and on…in fact, I may have to do a “Part 2” of this post someday.  However, if you have a question or concern about our services, give us a call-we are always happy to to answer and explain!