Cedar Rapids, IA isn’t the only area that is experiencing winter weather in spring (hence, the “sprinter” of 2018).  Apparently, this is happening in more place than one.  And okay, it’s not an ideal season for most people, but at least we all know that there are better things on the horizon.  We’ll get our balmy, sunny days soon, and the cold and bitter weather will just be a memory.

It’s kind of like that with treatments that have progressive results, that is, results that take a little while to fully form.  You may need multiple sessions (laser, Microneedling, etc) or a lifestyle commitment (diet, skincare, etc), but you know after a while, it will all be worth it.

It’s hard to sometimes look ahead and know that things will improve.  This is true of many times in our lives, not just spa results.  It takes patience and trust, and if we can all invest in some of those qualities, we’ll see changes.  How many times have you looked back at a pivotal or important life choice, and seen how far you’ve come?  It suddenly seems so much easier.  All it takes is courage and that first step.  Tired of your skin making you feel self-conscious?  Sick of your weight zapping your energy?  Had enough of a certain action?  Take that first step, and remember, better times and better skin is ahead!