I have mentioned VISA in previous posts.  I usually just give it a quick one sentence explanation: our machine analyzes your skin and helps us to decide the best treatment for you.  But why is it such an important part of our initial appointments?

Simply put, VISIA is able to find accurate facts and information about your skin that we just wouldn’t be able discover in one visit.  Before almost every appointment that has to do with your face, we have each client come in for a free consultation.  This is where we take details about your daily skincare routine and relevant info about your diet and lifestyle.  Make no mistake, this information is crucial to your skincare plan, however, VISIA takes it up a notch.

The process itself is very simple.  You sit in front of the little portal where the camera take your “picture”.  From there, in a matter of seconds, it has determined 8 different skin features, including wrinkles, surface spots, and UV damage, and compares to a broad database of your peers to determine the skin condition and age. This is immensely helpful when we’re trying to figure out determining factors for certain conditions and figuring out the best course of action for future treatments.  Sometimes we get people who are pleasantly surprised at what they find out, and often we get individuals who hadn’t realized the extent of what was going on under their skins’ surface.  Everyone, though, takes solace in the fact that these results are not going to stay the same if they commit to the skincare routine we give them (this is also a good time to remind everyone that as all of our clients’ information, these pictures and details remain completely confidential).  After a few months, we like to take VISIA pictures again, and see the improvements, as compared it to the originals.  Those can be really impressive moments, as our medical grade treatments and products bring about dramatically visible changes.  Skeptical?  Just ask us for some before and after pictures!

The more knowledge we have about our skin helps us at Innovative to give the best possible care we can, and make you feel like a million bucks.  Call us now for your free VISIA consult!