It’s officially spring!  Now, of course, in Iowa, we all know that “spring” doesn’t necessarily mean balmy, sunny days-in fact, here in Cedar Rapids, snow is predicted for later this week (sigh).  However, one thing is certain.  Even though the weather may not seem like it, summer is around the corner!

Sorry, hope I didn’t scare you there.  But yes, swimsuits, longer days, and vacations are coming up.  But hey, we have time to prepare!  Lucky for you, Innovative Aesthetics is here to help you get ready for almost every part of summer, and this is the perfect time to ensure that you can get your routine started and in effect by June.  What are some good services to begin with?

  • Laser hair removal-I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I HATE SHAVING.  Start some sessions now for those pesky hairy areas, and flaunt that bikini with no worries!
  • Waxing-Don’t have the time to commit to Laser Hair Removal?  We also wax!
  • Sun protection-I will never stop pushing my SPF advice on all of you.  Sun damage causes wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and melanoma.  Stop by our retail boutique and browse our sun care section.  Whether it’s traditional cream, tinted moisturizer, make up setting spray, or more, we have you covered with SPF options.
  • Hydrafacial-has the winter left you with dry, rough skin?  Book a Hydrafacial to hydrate, help resurface, and remove impurities from your skin.
  • Microblading-no longer can you pull your winter hat over your sparse brows.  This semi-permanent treatment gives you the brows you’ve always wanted.
  • Injectables-Have you been slacking on your Botox or fillers?  Have you been wondering if now is the time to try?  Let’s prevent new wrinkles and fix current lines from squinting in the bright sun-call now!

As many of you know, this is not a full list of our services, but they’re all good areas to start in.  Welcome spring, and let’s not let summer catch us unprepared!