Everyone knows how Innovative Aesthetics has the best skin care products ever.  We research the heck out of the best of the best, and then make sure that we all actually trial them ourselves.  If we find something does not have the desired effects, we try the next one.  If something better comes out, we upgrade.  That being said, we have mainly focused more on the face (chest and above, if I’m being strictly accurate).  Until now.

We have been wanting to offer a body care line for a while, but we knew we needed to be careful and make sure that we were offering a product that would exceed the expectations and results of other admittedly high quality body care.  As we were looking for the right line, we had some specifications.  We wanted it natural/organic, high quality,  and cruelty-free (both animals AND people).  We wanted as many people as possible to be able to use it and receive exactly what it promised.  Enter Zents.

Zents’ creator was involved in a serious car accident that left him with brain and physical injury, which included chronic pain, intense migraines, and the loss of smell.  After his healing process plateaued, he learned that doctors predicted him not getting any better.  He then made the decision to move to India.  Under the support of his family and his Indian host family, along with yoga, massage, and internal herbal treatments, the unforeseen happened.  His pain subsided, smell and taste came back, and his body began to heal.

During and after this process, the idea for Zents was born.  Realizing that synthetic scents triggered his migraines, and certain products hindered the healing process, he made it his goal to create gentle, fully natural scents, and use the best organic healing ingredients.  And boy, did he.  This line has not only been loved in resorts and spas, but also people with severe allergies, sensitive skin, and even chemo patients. As we have tried these beautiful products, we have been consistently amazed.  And the scents!  Believe me when I say there is a fragrance for everyone.  I don’t think I’ve smelled one that I didn’t like-and you can get each product in each scent (or unscented). The line includes:

1.) Probiotic-infused lotion.  This highly moisturizing blend also includes hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants, shea butter, and coconut oil.  This lotion protects against toxins, aids skin cell regeneration, plumps lines, and improves skin elasticity.

2.) Concreta.  OMG, can I first tell you about Concreta’s highly repurposeable packaging?  These come in these gorgeous little stone boxes that are actually made by his Indian host’s family (along with their newly acquired staff, which was the result of Zents’ success)-they had originally made stone souvenirs (think little stone elephants you would find in gift shops).  This business opportunity for them has brought about income for clean waters, better schools, and a better quality of life for their village.  And that’s just the box!  Inside the box is a lovely blend of a deep conditioning daily conditioning balm that firms, hydrates, and repairs-people have seen results after the very first use.  And back to the box-when you run out, you have a perfect small jewelry box, tealight holder, air plant container, or just a perfect vessel to gift.

3.) Body Oil.  This is a nourishing blend of safflower and vitamin E oils.  It is wonderful for a moisturizing and youthful glow, and also is recommended for applying after sun exposure to soothe and prevent sun damage.

4.) Body/Hand Wash.  Made with 100% organic shea butter.  Sugar cane and fruit extracts gently exfoliate without harsh particles. Organic aloe speeds healing and soothe nicks from shaving. Detoxifying lotus flower restores supple, smooth, healthy skin.

5.) Body Polish.  This sugar, salt, and organic shea infusion gently buffs, and imparts softness, for soft, satiny smooth skin.  Can be tailored to your every exfoliation need: hands, feet, elbows, knees, and body. Use on damp skin for a gentle exfoliation, or use before stepping into the shower for more polish power.

6.) Soap.  These lovingly hand wrapped, triple-milled shea butter soaps are unbelievably creamy.  Ayurvedic skin care ingredient neem bestows its natural antibacterial qualities as a natural, gentle antibacterial that combats acne, eczema, dermatitis, and other skin concerns while deodorizing and balancing skin zones.

7.) Bath Truffles.  My girls and I love these.  Deliciously softening, muscle melting bath fizzies. Dissolve one in a warm bath and let the arnica work on sore, tired muscles. Epsom salt and pink Himalayan salt help detoxify and remineralize the body. Rich shea butter hydrates the skin for a luscious all-over soft, smooth, youthful glow.

8.) Zen Blend Oral Tonic.  A stress-busting flower essence spray.  Spray it in the mouth for a refreshingly minty, and subtly sweet happiness boost.  It uplifts the mind and body, detoxes, and promotes wellness. Tip-I’ve had my high school age daughter try this before school, and she is now addicted!

9.) Eau de Toilette.  All of the amazing scents (or excuse me, Zents) in perfume form.  Described as a liquid memory of life’s most cherished experiences. Drawing on the powerful connection between scent and memory, ZENTS scents become potent potions as they react with your body’s natural chemistry. Nothing overpowering, just gentle and uplifting fragrance!

These are the Zents products we are offering at Innovative at the moment, not a full line.  Stop in, try our testers, and tell us if you have any requests for other products in the Zents line! I promise you’ll love them!