Does it ever seem like guys get the short end of the stick when it comes to skin care and spa treatments?  It’s not an overt thing.  While I know there are actually women-only spas out there, it’s not like most places are putting up “No Boys Allowed” signs.  However, there are still segments of our population that deem taking care of yourself somehow “unmanly”, and a lot of spas subconsciously market to women through advertising, verbage, and decor.

So, is there anything at Innovative Aesthetics for men, besides the Ideal Protein diet program? Short answer-yes!  While I would wager that a larger percentage of our clientele is female, we have no shortage of male clients, and we love that.  And what are our men loving?  Well, honestly, most of the same products and treatments that you probably love.  We have our guys coming in for Botox, facials, tattoo removal, massage, laser, and filler.

What are the goals here?  Same as women?  Some of it does stem from identical reasons.  Both genders will come get a massage if their bodies are hurting or out of alignment.  If they’re getting breakouts, they’re both going to come in and seek similar facial remedies.  We’ve noticed a couple of slightly different motivations on certain treatments though.  For example, male Botox (or similar) and fillers clients tend to be in their 40’s and 50’s, many in the corporate world, who want to keep an edge by getting rid of a more “tired” look.  Laser may be more for age spots and scars, as opposed to the fine lines and texture  that a lot of our female clients like to get rid of (although plenty of females also want to treat age spots and scars as well).  These are just general observations, though, and we get every reason and condition across the board from both men and women.

Establishing the fact that men deserve to feel their most physically attractive is important-the same way that it’s important for women to know the same thing about themselves.  Come see us at Innovative-we’ll help you through the rest.