Whenever my 12 and 15 year old daughters purchase presents for their friends, I’ve noticed a trend-those cute little at home face masks.  You can get them anywhere (in fact, we actually carry the hugely popular OMG Face Masks and headbands in our retail boutique), there’s a huge variety of different types, and the price tag is usually pretty low.  These are usually mud-based, or sheet masks that they apply and of course follow up with lots of selfies, complete with goofy filters.

They are definitely a lot of fun, but as this trend grows, it’s made me wonder if we may actually be harming our skin by using them so often without aesthetic knowledge.  With working here, my girls have the privilege of getting to come get treatments here at Innovative Aesthetics fairly often, but for a lot of kids, most parents don’t want to spring for professional treatments, especially if they can get the at home masks so easily and cheaply.  And I get it-kids are expensive!  However, with these drugstore masks, it’s a bit of guess work.  A lot of tweens/teens don’t know their skin the way a professional would assess it, so they could be buying products that actually could be stripping natural oils, providing too much moisture, using too harsh a product, etc.

A great option for our younger guests is first setting up a VISIA consultation (our skin analysis machine), and then an appointment for an express facial.  An express facial is exactly what it sounds like-a facial that is designed to fit in a shorter length of time for a smaller amount of money.  Your child is able to learn about their skin, along with do’s and don’ts about taking care of it.  The facial, while less money and less time, doesn’t skimp on the quality-it’s still medical grade and customized to exactly what their skin needs, giving great results.

(I do feel the need to add here that if you or your daughter or son is struggling with more serious skin issues, such as problematic acne, a service that we’ve had tremendous success with for our teens and tweens is the Hydrafacial (discussed here Hydrate That Face!).  While it’s at a higher price point, it may be worth the extra to get the results that our clients have recieved.)

Bottom line?  Drugstore masks can be fine as long as they’re not overused, but make sure you speak to a professional to be sure of the right types to get, and remember that a visit to Innovative Aesthetics while they’re younger can be a great foundation to lasting clear skin!