In my last post (Prevent, Repair, or Both? (Part 1)), we discussed skin issues throughout the different decades of our lives.  We got as far as getting through our 30’s when I realized that my humble little blog post was turning into a novel.  Not wanting to bore everyone into a nap, I decided to make this post a two parter. We’ll start this one off with a difficult age for many people (in terms of skin changes)-your 40’s.

As you enter your 40’s, your estrogen decides to take a hike.  What this does is affect the firmness, elasticity, and moisture of your face, and also affects your facial structure as estrogen also escapes the bones.  This commonly looks like dullness, hollowness, more visible wrinkles, broken blood vessels, capillaries, and age spots. Your lymphatic system also starts to slow down, so the toxins that were usually eliminated quickly are now lingering, causing puffiness around the eyes and the cheeks. None of this sounds particularly fun, but at least Innovative Aesthetics has options for you! Now, if you’ve been a faithful client of ours, you probably know that we love our Retinol.  Seriously.  It thickens skin, minimizes wrinkles, helps with acne, strengthens blood vessels, and helps fade age spots.  This and hyalauronic acid are wonderful products at this age.  Make sure your at home routine includes the right stuff!  Now, for in-office, Botox is wonderful for helping those wrinkles to decrease, and it may be the right time to inquire about fillers-it can help with the hollows from bone loss and fill in some of those deeper wrinkles.  Micorneedling, Forever Young BBL laser treatments, and Hydrafacials are also all highly effective services that will keep your skin the way you want it to be.

50’s and on?  Hello, menopause! Estrogen has now just decided to stop, and testosterone takes over.  Expect dry, thinner, and looser skin, deeper wrinkles, stretched pores, hooded or hollowed eyelids, and peach fuzz.  A big “do” is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Hyalauronic acid?  Yes!  Retinol products?  Still yes!  At this point though, for more noticeable changes, you’re going to see the most improvement with in-office treatments.  Botox and fillers will smooth lines, fill out wrinkles, and plump up the skin.  As before, Forever Young BBL laser and Microneedling will help to tighten and improve lines.

As we focus on ways to work on the skin, let’s not forget the rest.  Love yourself.  Fuel your body with good food.  Exercise in the fresh air.  Drink lots of water.  Get massages.  Be mindful.  Laugh and love with friends, and remember that beauty can be skin deep-take yours within!  Innovative Aesthetics is privileged to be part of this journey of yours. Live life like the gift it is, and feel your best!