At some point we were all teenagers.  While I hate to make sweeping generalizations, I will say that teenager-hood is a great equalizer of life.  We have all had moments of feeling awkward, emotional, and clueless.  It really hasn’t changed too much in this day and age, except most kids have smartphones that document all these stages, and these teens’ make up skills are much better than my own.  What’s one thing that’s the same?  Unfortunately, skin problems.  These stem from a big mix of new hormones, emotions such as anxiety and stress, and/or undiscovered issues in the dermis.

Some people are surprised when they find out that Innovative Aesthetics has a sizeable teenage client base.  If you think about it though, it makes sense.  When your skin is ready for some outside help, most people think of a dermatologist, and that’s a great idea.  Sadly though, an appointment usually comes with a long wait-sometimes 6 months!  That’s a long time to wait, and struggle.  We are a good first step, either by coming in before you call the dermatologist, or by making an appointment to see us while you wait to get in to the doctor.  We will start with our free consultation, which includes a VISIA skin analysis, and a plan to go forward with our medical grade products and treatments.  This may be a new skin cleansing and care regime, a series of facials formulated to their skin type, a Hydrafacial,  laser treatments, OR if you haven’t looked into a dermatologist, we may even recommend that an appointment is made for that specialist’s opinion.  Everyone’s skin is different, and what works for one teen won’t necessarily work for the next.

We do have a few tips for managing teenage skin:

  1. Make sure you’re cleansing each night and morning, but don’t overscrub! A clarisonic is great investment to get both a deep clean and light exfoliation once a day.  Don’t overdo the products though.  A good base to start with is a good quality cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen.  Add ons may include acne sticks for spot treatment, toners, and at-home masks.
  2. Use sunscreen!  It’s better to prevent sun damage than to repair.  If you must have that bronzed glow, try a spray tan, a tanning lotion, or a tinted moisturizer/sunscreen.  Ask us at Innovative about our line of sun prevention products-we have organic and light, healthy formulas that won’t make you break out.
  3. With make-up, less is more.  Piling on heavy foundation, powders, and others may cover up blemishes temporarily, but will block pores and cause more skin trouble than you started with. Besides, a natural look is in right now, so let your naturally beautiful face be what you present to yourself and the world!
  4. Be careful with stress.  I know school, activities, and family make for a busy and sometimes hectic time, but take some time for yourself.  Be kind to yourself, get off the phone/computer for a bit, get some fresh air, exercise, and socialize with people you love.  Your mind, body, AND skin will thank you for it.
  5. Drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet.  Are you noticing a pattern that good skin starts from within?

We get it.  Like I said before, we’ve all been teenagers, and we remember the struggles.  We know at Innovative how skin issues can make our confidence and self worth drop, and we want to help change that.  We all deserve to feel happy and beautiful in our own skin, and we will help you get there.