I was here at Innovative the other day, and some of us got to chatting with a couple of clients.   These were a couple of our regular clients who come in pretty frequently, and in addition to being successful, intelligent, and beautiful, they are also incredibly friendly and kind.  It got me thinking though.  As we were talking, they both separately mentioned some issues that they were going through in their individual lives, and as I was listening, I found myself starting to feel surprised.  The reason? Well…look at them-they’re perfect!  They don’t have problems!  Of course, that’s ridiculous.  We know no one’s life is without bumps in the road,  but it is hard to remember that sometimes.  People sometimes look at spas like Innovative Aesthetics, and assume that our clientele consists of the lucky flawless folks who float in here, get their beautifying treatments, then head back to their amazing lives.

You can find these “perfect” people anywhere.  Perfect moms, whose children are angels , crafts and cooks like Martha Stewart on a Pinterest binge, and live in a gorgeous house that seemingly defies any speck of dirt.  The hipster local, who takes advantage of every single business, event, and hot spot of your home town/city, complete with Instagram-worthy filtered photos, and just generally seems like they have a much cooler life than you do.  The beauty guru, whose impeccable make up and styling skills give her the look of a goddess.

Let’s try to remember something though.  Innovative Aesthetics exists to give each person a way to feel their most beautiful.  That may be through diet, massage, facials, wrinkle reducer, scar removal, etc.  The people I listed above? They’re coming here to feel beautiful, to heal, to be cared for, the same as everyone else.  And trust me, the details I listed for those examples?  Those are only the surface details.  Their lives have just as many ups and downs as yours and mine do.

Chances are, these people are not intending to make you feel like a less of a person than they are.  If they are, well, that’s their own insecurity that they’re dealing with.  Working in the spa industry, I see a lot of airbrushed supposed perfection.  I see a lot of insecurity.  But do you know what else I see?  I see people.  The people that come into Innovative Aesthetics come from all backgrounds and lives.  That’s how we want it.  We want everyone to know and benefit from what we have to offer.  Our business would dry up pretty quickly if we only dealt in perfection.  In fact…

Let’s get rid of the mindset that perfection exists.  If you’re kind to yourself and others, and allow for flaws, no matter what the facade is, you will be more comfortable with yourself as a person.  You deserve to feel treated and pampered, and to feel and look your best.  So, give us a call-make this your time to be the best version of yourself!