I’ve mentioned this before-my skin gets DRY in the winter.  I have also made mention in a previous post (Hydrate That Face!) of a relatively new service (a little over one year old at this location) at Innovative-the Hydrafacial.  I still sometimes get questions when I bring this treatment up, and I thought this time of year would be a great time to freshen up my parched skin AND show you lovely people what it all entails.  So…here we go!

Here I am, skin dull and dry, in desperate need of TLC…


Does anyone actually enjoy picture taking?

Want to see part of the actual process?

The professionals who perform this treatment are amazing-Amy, Beth, and Mandy.  They have years of experience in aesthetics, and make sure that each person gets the individual care and procedure plan they need.  For example, Beth noticed a little redness in my face, along with some inflammation (from the dryness), and determined that a red light treatment would be valuable.

image1 (2)

Red is so not my color.

Less than 30 minutes later, we were finished.  I love that there’s an option so effective in such a small amount of time!  No discomfort, no peeling, no side effects. Here I am post-Hydrafacial.


I feel glow-y!

Bottom line?  This is an awesome treatment.  5 days later, my face still feels hydrated and smooth, and ready to take on the holidays.  Seriously, if you haven’t gotten a Hydrafacial yet, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call here at Innovative Aesthetics, and get on our schedule! Happy Holidays!