Snow is on the horizon, we’re almost finished with Thanksgiving leftovers, and Christmas decorations are up.  Okay, so the average Christmas decoration has been up since Halloween, but mine are just now going up, so that’s what I’m going by.  We are now officially in the holiday season.

Here at Innovative Aesthetics, that means one thing-our bi-annual open house.  It’s on Thursday, December 7th this year, and we are excitedly preparing.  This is the time where we open our spa up to everyone, and celebrate.  We have food, drinks, raffles, insanely amazing deals, and you get to see our smiling faces.  If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, please do!  I promise you will be not be disappointed.

Looking at the RSVP list, it looks like pretty much every client has signed up.  And why not?  Seriously, it’s a blast.  But what about your sister who thinks it’s crazy that you get a massage once a month?  Or that friend who’s been on the fence about Botox?  Or your partner who insists that no medical spa treatment is worth that price?  You know, the ones who haven’t come to Innovative yet?  This may be your chance to prove both your fabulous taste and financial savvy.

But what do you tell them?  First of all, clear up any misconceptions they may have.  They may hear about Botox and fillers, and assume that we’re intent on turning our good citizens of Cedar Rapids into frozen, plastic faced Barbie and Ken dolls (we’re not).  Explain that our medical professionals who administer those options are going for subtle and natural results.  Tell them that massages and facials aren’t just for rich, bored housewives, and actually  play a vital role in maintaining healthy skin and muscles.  Show them our state of the art equipment that our owner and director, Dr. Jason Rexroth researches and invests in to make sure that our clients and patients get the top notch care they deserve.

Here is what I love about this place.  Our staff?  We listen.  Whether you’re coming for the Ideal Protein diet, injections, laser treatment, Microneedling, tattoo removal, facials, products, or massage, we communicate with you.  We feel so strongly about that that we generally preempt most first appointments with a free consultation.  We sit down with you, ask you questions, take VISIA pictures (VISIA is our skin analysis machine), and make sure you’re getting the best treatment for your concerns.  That means, for example, even if you are positive that you want, say, Radiesse, after speaking with you and studying your skin, we may determine that a different, maybe even less expensive treatment may be best for you.  And we will tell you that.  We will explain the products and procedures, and help you figure out what will make you feel the best about yourself.  That’s the only way we know how to operate.

Here’s a really great part.  At open house, our first and primary responsibility is to answer questions, and be there for you.  It’s not only the awesome once a year specials, prizes, and yummy food.  Our staff is all present to make sure that all of you, clients or not, get the best treatment of all.  And when a non-client decides to follow up with an appointment with us later?  Then we know we’ve done our job. Hope to see you all there, and remember, this year, if you bring a friend, you’re entered into a contest for three Forever Young laser treatments for you, and a Hydrafacial for your friend!