An entire industry is built around this.  The average woman will drop around $50,000 in a lifetime on products for it.  It’s blamed when you’re having a bad day.  There was a Broadway musical named after it.  Guessed it yet? (You should, it’s in the title.)  Yup, it’s HAIR.  We love it, we despair over it, and we cut, color, and tease it.  Sometimes all in the same day.  While not many of us can claim to have the perfect head of tresses, most of us are pretty content with our locks.  However, there is a large number of people who are struggling with hair loss.  It may seem like a first world problem, but consider this.  In virtually every culture in the world, hair is valued or significant.  It can make us feel beautiful, signify religion, show values, or make a personal statement.  To start losing it can be a traumatic experience.

So, what exactly causes hair loss?  Well…how much time do you have?  In women, besides genetics, common causes can be pregnancy, rapid weight loss (this has sometimes been noted as a side effect of the Ideal Protein diet), certain vitamin deficiencies, certain medications, hormones, psoriasis, auto-immune disorders, chemical overprocessing, and of course, our old friend stress, which can include traumatic events/time periods and surgeries.  This is by no means, a full list of symptoms, by the way.  For men, it tends to be a little simpler-usually a combination of genetics and male sex hormones.

We have women at different stages in life, who are experiencing thinning hair, and of course, men who aren’t ready to embrace the Vin Diesel look just yet.  When we realized how many of our clients were going through this, we started doing some homework.  In addition to a healthy lifestyle (that goes without saying, but I’m still saying it), we looked into vitamin supplements, hair products, and medical techniques.  As always, at Innovative, we don’t like selling or recommending products or services unless we ourselves have tried them and gotten results.  That being said, here are a few options we like.

Zenagen hair products.  Zenagen is a formula that is designed to thicken thinning hair.  Evolve is their shampoo-based treatment that is easy and fairly quick to use, making it a great option for both men and women under 40, for issues caused by overstyling and chemical, or hypo/hyper thyroids .  Revolve is best for men and women over 40, who are experiencing male/female pattern baldness, and/or visible recession. Boost is their styling line that helps to volumize and thicken hair while slowing shedding at the same time.  These are all formulated with natural ingredients, instead of harsh irritants, and it’s normal to see results after as little as 6 weeks of treatment.

You may be familiar with the PRP injections that we are able to add to microneedling treatments.  Well, did you know that injecting your scalp with your own platelet rich plasma (PRP) can stimulate the hair follicles into new growth?  It may sound strange, but trust me.  This has been very effective on some of our staff and a growing number of clients, and we’re excited to be able to offer it.  Consistency is key, so we usually do monthly treatments for 3 months (and depending on results, every 3 to 6 months thereafter), with results typically being seen after the 3rd month.

The following applies to our lovely Ideal Protein clients, as well as anyone else.  Taking daily supplements of biotin can be very helpful for thinning hair, as well as enhancing skin and nails as an added bonus.  Foods and drinks with collagen and gelatin have also been found to aid with hair loss, and it just so happens that some of our IP foods and drinks contain those ingredients, so check them out!  My personal favorite is the Blueberry, Cranberry, and Pomegranate drink mix (tip: mix it with a little plain sparkling water for a yummy N/A cocktail!).

Hair loss can be stressful and frustrating.  At Innovative Aesthetics, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.  Give us a call, and come talk to us!