I woke up the other day to a horror upon horrors. It happens every year around this time, but it’s none the less horrifying for the regularity.  I’m speaking, of course, of the onset of seasonal dry skin.

I used to have fairly normal skin.  Not super sensitive, and while I would sometimes get some hormonal or environmental based breakouts, it wasn’t intensely life-interrupting.  However, as I’ve gotten older, my skin has changed.  It’s a little more receptive to outside influences, it’s gotten looser, and like I mentioned, DRY.  “As we age, our skin not only ages, but changes in terms of allergies, sensitivities, and texture. What worked for us in our 20’s is probably not going to be what works for us in our 30’s, 40’s, and beyond”, says our ARNP Erica Nygaard.

Okay, that’s all well and good, but I’m over here with a dehydrated, flaky face that looks like it’s about to peel off.  What should I do?  Happily, I do happen to work at an amazing medical spa, with some pretty awesome experts to help me out.

First and foremost, this is one piece of advice that I am qualified to give (and I do on a regular basis).  DRINK MORE WATER. We may associate the need for extra water intake with summer-we’re running around, sweating, etc.  However, in the fall and winter, the air dries, and pulls not only moisture from our skin, but also our bodies overall-in fact, just breathing in the winter pulls it out further, since as we breathe, the condensation from our breath freezes in the outside air and isn’t reabsorbed through our next inhalation of breath.  Fascinating, right?  It’s amazing how what we put INTO our bodies directly correlates with our outer bodily surfaces.  Your skin will respond to the adequate amount of water, and will visibly show the benefits.

All right, so our first step is undertaken, and sure enough, it’s working some.  Sadly, the increased water intake more than likely won’t cure that super parched skin completely.  That’s where we seek the guidance of our professionals who have seen this countless times.  Recommendations?  We always advise people to first make an appointment for a free consultation.  While dry skin is a common complaint, our skin is so different that what works on one person may not work for another.  So it’s always best to set up a time to come in, get a VISIA picture taken (VISIA is our skin analysis machine, and is mindblowing), and see what would work best for you.  That being said, some good services to try that work well for most people are Microderms, Hydrafacials, and a good old fashioned Signature Facial (specifically customized for your skin type and/or issues).

Last thing?  Don’t forget to ask your aesthetician about follow up products to use at home.  We have top of the line, medical grade skin care products here, and chances are, there’s one that will highly benefit you.  Just as you can’t exercise once and develop perfect muscles, or eat one healthy meal and drop 20 pounds, you also can’t get one facial treatment and expect it to maintain the same balance.  With the proper cleansers and moisturizers (and more!), you can keep your results much longer.

Cooler temps don’t have to be our skin’s enemy.  But don’t take my word for it, come find out for yourself!