I am the first person to admit that when it come to food and beverages, I have no willpower.  Or if I do have a few strands of willpower, they are fragile, and make me sad and emotional at what I’m missing.  My husband does not get this.  He is of the type who, when wanting to diet, or cut a food out, or add something, just does it.  Like a pyschopath.  Just kidding, but seriously, that isn’t me.  I struggle with cravings, and have a hard time turning down food and drinks that I love.  Put me in a standard coffee shop, say Starbucks, or somewhere similar, where they have a bakery case filled with carb-olicious, sugar-filled treats, and drinks that are more like milkshakes that provide roughly an entire week’s worth of calories….and I’m in heaven.  Guilt-tripped and post-regretful, but heaven.  So when I heard over a year ago that Innovative Aesthetics was going ahead with our plan to open an Ideal Protein-approved coffee shop, I was ecstatic.  I could treat myself with options that were actually healthy?

Now, while I have acknowledged my lack of willpower, I will also state how important I think healthy living is.  I think food is our best medicine.  Unfortunately, food doesn’t always fuel us for good.  Sugar can be an addiction just like a drug, along with carbs.  It’s just our bodies process certain foods.  I am not alone in this struggle.  Many other people have the same problem, and have found immense help with the Ideal Protein lifestyle.  It goes in phases, with the first phase being the strictest-no sugar, no carbs, no fruit, etc, but plenty of approved veggies and protein.  To help with the restriction of your menu, we have a huge selection of drinks, bars, soups, snacks, desserts, etc.  It’s insanely helpful, and has brought thousands of people to not only a reduction in body weight, but simply a better life.  BUT. (You knew that was coming, right?) It does take work.  It takes willpower and strength to look at foods and drinks that you love, and say no.  So imagine a little cafe you can go to, and know that the majority of the menu is designed for YOU.  You aren’t a breakfast person, but have a hard time when you hit that mid-morning slump?  Well, zip through our drive thru, and order any of our coffees with an IP twist-you will add flavor and protein to your coffee, and all you had to do was drink that nectar of the gods, COFFEE.  How about lunch?  Maybe you get busy at work, and when you run out for a quick bite, you see those golden arches beckoning-it’s so easy!  Well, so is running into the coffee shop and grabbing a deli style meal, complete with the required amount of lean protein and veggies, made by our awesome Kristeena’s Catering.  Or you’re like me, and you like to treat yourself for no good reason at all except that you made it through another day.  Congratulations!  You’ve just earned a mocha frozen blended drink and a muffin or chocolate bite-no guilt included!

This is exciting to me.  When we make the right choices accessible and appealing to everyone, it’s so much easier to do the right thing.  Not just for us if we’re watching our diets, but kids as well.  Teach them to enjoy and treat themselves, but do it with a customizable whole fruit smoothie.  Or a fragrant herbal tea.