Who remembers the razor thin eyebrow trend in the 90’s (my hand is going up)?  I, who had inherited my dad’s bushy eyebrows, busily spent waaaay too much time tweezing them to sparse, skinny perfection.  My mom walked in while I was doing that one day, and worriedly said “when you tweeze your brows too much, they may not grow back in!”  My response was something along the lines of “well, if Dad hadn’t given me his horrible eyebrows, I wouldn’t have to tweeze them so much!” (You can picture the teenage attitude.)  Fast forward to present day.  The trend now is thick, bold brows.  I would be fitting right in naturally, although, surprise, surprise, Mom was right-my brows are not what they used to be.

I’m not alone in the Post 1990’s Skinny Brow Debacle Recovery Group (okay, so there’s no such official group, but I know I’m not the only one who messed up perfectly good brows during that time).  There are a lot of options out there for faking the right eyebrow look.  After all, brows are an important part of your face. Have you ever seen the picture where they show celebrities’ faces, then the same faces with the eyebrows photoshopped off?  It’s pretty bizarre, let me tell you.  Whether you want a better arch, more feathered, bold, whatever, there are products out there to do it-gels, pencils, even tattooing.  However, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that most of you don’t want to spend precious time every morning drawing in your brows.  And I’ve seen brow tattoos, and while some of them are great, I’ve seen a lot of very obvious and unnatural looking designs.  So, are there any other options?  Well, yes.  Microblading is a method that has gotten skyrocketed in popularity recently.  Unlike tattoos, microblading is only semi-permanent, which is perfect for a look which tends to follow trends.

Here at Innovative Aesthetics, our esthetician, Mandy has trained in the microblading process extensively, and what sets her apart from other practitioners is her study of art technique in college.  Anyone who has any sort of background in the artistic facial form knows that it’s harder than it looks to achieve proper proportion and form.  Mandy uses that knowledge and training to literally draw on the strokes, one by one.  After your (free) consultation where you discuss your goals and make sure this is the right step for you, she starts the first appointment by outlining and creating the shape with a removable pencil.  This takes a while, as it’s a meticulous process, plus she wants your frequent feedback to make sure you’re happy.  Once this is completed, she uses the special microblade pen to make tiny, hair-thin strokes along the specified areas.  The pigment, which is specially customized for each client, is deposited in a way where it will “seep” into the thin scratches she has made.  And that’s it.  Afterward, you are free to take all the selfies you want, and bask in your awesome new brows, but know that it’s normal for slight fading within a week or two, after the healing process.  This is low-maintenance downtime-she recommends ointment over the brows for a week, no picking at the tiny scabs, and avoiding facial products with certain ingredients, but you can be out and about and looking fabulous as soon as you leave the office!  Worried about pain?  Don’t be.  This is a relatively painless procedure, since we send you home from the consultation with numbing cream to have applied before you come in for your session. Afraid that you’ll get home, and decide that you would have liked to have put an extra hair or two somewhere?  Included in the price is a follow up session to ensure your satisfaction, and touch up wherever is needed.

Isn’t it great to know that your “follow the trends” mistakes don’t have to be permanent?  (You may want to hide those pictures from the 90’s.)