One of my favorite skin treatments is a classic-the microderm.  It’s a simple, but so, so effective.  A little device both exfoliates and sucks all the dead skin, oil, and other crud from my pores.  Instant gratification!  So, when we had a training on a newer device/treatment that was supposed to have similarities to the microderm, only much better, I was excited to try it out.

What is this new miracle treatment, you ask?  The Hydrafacial!  We have been doing a lot of these lately.  People like to try new things, and when those new things work, word gets around.  But, just what does the Hydrafacial do, anyway?

Well.  As our nurse/esthetician Beth says, it’s like a big drink of water for your face.  You still have the suction and abrasive tips to sweep away dead skin, the way our beloved microderm does, but also incorporates different serums and agents to get an even better result, with radiant skin for days to come.

The Hydrafacial is a 4 step process.  The first step is a deep cleanse (which, by the way, I’m for some reason never able to duplicate at home).  Next is a light glycolic and salicylic peel, with NO visible peeling (yes, you can go to an outdoor concert that same day, and have no issues).  Step 3 is the painless extractions, and lastly, an infusion of peptides and hylaronic acid to get that gorgeous, sought after hydration.  Now, you can also add “booster” steps-brightening and/or anti-wrinkle treaments. We also have blue and /or red LED therapy-the blue LED helps with acne by killing bacteria, and the red LED helps to counteract redness in the skin.

So, yes.  You can continue to love your microderms, but if you’re wanting to try something new, check out our Hydrafacial.  With no downtime and a treatment time of less than half an hour, you have nothing to lose.  That means brides can come in the day before their wedding, you can stop in over your lunch hour (and return to the office with make up on, and no one the wiser), or your teenager can get a quick skin refresh before they start school.  Give us a call, and come see us!